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I've always wanted to have one of those "perfect trees" in my backyard. Like the ones that you see in movies that are all twisted and gnarled and are hundreds of years old. Most importantly, I wanted one that I could climb as high as possible and just sit on the limb and and watch the world go by. I wanted to sit there alone and write as the sun set. I wanted to make a tire swing to hang from it.

My aunt had the perfect tree in her backyard. In fact, she had two with a hammock strung between as if in a tug-o-war. My cousins, who are both older, had built a tree house. Well, tree platform. But I was still small enough that I could climb higher and the branches could still support me, all I needed was a boost up. The the years passed. I got bigger. I and while I could still climb, I couldn't go as high. Eventually, a big storm came and broke off some of the limbs, including the one with our tree house. Later, my aunt moved to a condo with no trees as her kids went off to college.

So here I am today. Treelimb-less. And still wishing that I could climb again. I have a beautiful old oak in my yard. Twisted and gnarled. But no branches that I can grasp. I pray that one day a low branch will spontaneously appear just within my reach. Of course, it will never happen. But one of these years I will find another tree to climb. And then there I will sit until the sun sets, notebook in hand, camera at my side. And from there, I will watch the world go by.
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